Our delivery program includes all kinds of doors used for power stations, waste incineration plants, boiler and drying plants.

Doors can also be manufactured according to your drawings and instructions. Due to a modern machinery park this can be done in a short time and on favourable conditions. We could also produce doors for ships, wind energy plants or offshore parks.


impress by their robust, maintenace-free and compcat construction and their high efficiency, They can be used for combustion and steam boiler plants as well as for the stone and earth industry or material processing.

are suitable for waste and wood incineration plants, underfeed stoker and chain grate stoker firings. (Please contact us!)


such as butterfly valves, thermal barriers and stop valves, are highly qualified products! Due to long experience on this sector, Langen is your competent partner in this field.


are sketched and realized particularly according to your desires and specifications. We offer here double flap valves or also double slidegate valve flaps with pneumatic or also hydraulic cylinders to you. The drive form e.g. over a cam disc is implemented more overload-proof, so that in the incident (large lumps, which are gotten jammed) no self destruction of the double flap valve takes place. The Langen-System works both in the closing and in the opening procedure.

The Langen-Double-Flap-Valves

offers the complete assembling work of their doors and takes care of all turning and milling works.


With our large machinerypark in the own manufacturing we could offer you also a multiplicity of services approximately around those treatment of Langen-mechanical-works. By the employment of most modern CAD/CAM systems we work directly from the appropriate data records to e.g. our 3D-Milingmachine.