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Continuing to supply power stations: Langen Feuerungsbau secures the future

In view of the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental protection, the end of fossil-fuelled power plants in Germany has been sealed. The coal phase-out law passed in 2020 provides for the planned phase-out of coal-fired power generation by 2038. It is also time for Langen Feuerungsbau, a steel construction company that manufactures special refractory doors, inspection hatches and inspection openings, which are mainly used in incineration plants and power stations, to draw the consequences for its own business orientation. "We are of course well aware that the era of fossil-fuelled power stations will come to an end in about 15 years' time, but we will not abandon our regular customers and will ensure that we are able to manufacture and supply inspection doors, manhole doors and manhole covers as spare parts until the end of the life of the power stations," emphasises Managing Director Anja Vogt.

"Our business strategy is that we will continue to provide our customers with the same high quality and standard of products until the last fossil-fuelled power plant is shut down," emphasises co-managing director and operations manager Karsten Vogt. "Over the past few decades, more and more manufacturers have stopped producing these products or have not found a successor. Langen-Feuerungsbau is taking a different approach. As a reminder, the succession of Langen Feuerungsbau was successfully arranged in 2021, when Anja and Karsten Vogt took over the company, thus complementing their own group of companies. At that time, Langen Feuerungsbau and its production were relocated from Burscheid to Duisburg-Rheinhausen and put on a sustainable footing.

Securing the energy supply until shutdown - including spare parts

Anja Vogt emphasises, "In order to secure the energy supply in Germany and Europe in the future, it is also necessary to ensure that spare parts are available for existing power plants until their last day of operation. This is what we stand for as a supplier with a large product portfolio in this area. The Managing Director emphasises: "For us, this is not a question of will. We see it as our duty and hope that our longstanding and future customers will appreciate our commitment and continue to buy the products they need from us and fulfil their own energy supply obligations. 

Karsten Vogt adds: "Meanwhile, we also have to look at the future of our company and find new products that the company will manufacture after the restructuring of the energy sector. We are confident that our group is capable of doing this and we will realign our strategy accordingly. Together with our customers we will find new way".

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