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Langen Feuerungsbau appeals to customers: Reserve your stock now!

Langen Feuerungsbau GmbH

Business is booming at Langen Feuerungsbau: "Many postponed repairs and the approaching end of the year have led to increased demand from many of our customers at the moment," reports Anja Vogt, Managing Director of the Duisburg-Rheinhausen steel construction company, manufacturer of fireproof special doors, display windows and show openings. Langen Feuerungsbau's products are mainly used in incineration plants and power stations.

"The increased demand in the area of fireproofing naturally has an impact on our stock. Even though our warehouse is well stocked, the goods in stock are reduced from week to week. We would therefore like to draw our customers' attention to this and ask them to enquire about their short and medium-term requirements now, while we can still deliver from stock," adds Operations Manager and Managing Director Karsten Vogt.

Increasing demand leads to longer delivery times for cast parts

"We know from experience that the delivery times for unfinished castings are considerably longer, so that delivery times of 18 to 20 weeks can be expected. In some cases, we have already taken countermeasures and have new castings in stock, but we still have to expect delivery times of 12 to 14 weeks," explains Anja Vogt. It is therefore advisable for customers of special fire doors, display windows and show openings to reserve the required components in advance. Longer-term orders are not affected by this problem, explains Anja Vogt.

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