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Langen Feuerungsbau expands its range of customised solutions

Langen Feuerungsbau GmbH

"There's no such thing as impossible" is the motto at Langen Feuerungsbau in Duisburg-Rheinhausen. And this is not just a good New Year's resolution: "We are known for developing and manufacturing customized solutions for our customers," promises Anja Vogt, managing director of the steel construction company, which specializes in special fire doors, combustion fittings, inspection hatches and inspection openings. Recently, however, the demand for customized products has increased: "We are seeing more and more requests for design-related special solutions and modifications to our access doors and inspection hatches. We will continue to fulfil these requests whenever possible and incorporate special customer requests into our products. For example, Langen Feuerungsbau has a wide range of options for fitting its own products with customized handles and access aids, equipping them with adapter frames and weld-on frames, or manufacturing brackets and holders in milled and welded designs to fit exactly. Flange connections to standards and drawings, flange covers including gaskets and bolted connections, pipe connections and welded pipe connections can also be realized.

This is especially true of inspection ports mounted on access doors. "These offer the advantage of being able to quickly check the combustion chamber without having to open the actual access door. This special feature means that neither heat nor gases escape, which contributes to energy efficiency and lower emissions," explains Managing Director and Operations Manager Karsten Vogt.

Customized steel doors: made to drawing or sample

The company has already published examples of some of these possibilities on its website, visualizing the practical implementation using 3D models. "However, these examples represent only a small part of what we can do. The actual range of what we can do is much broader. Our steel and plant construction department can also realize more complex designs and requirements. Our piping construction department can also produce flange connections and pipe connections according to customer specifications," adds the plant manager.

Langen Feuerungsbau's specialists in mechanical engineering and machining then ensure that the attachments fit the products perfectly. Of course, the service also includes the professional installation of the attachments on the products, which can then be delivered as a fully assembled unit.

Langen Feuerungsbau also has a high demand for doors in special sizes or doors that are no longer produced by the manufacturer. "We always offer our customers the option of finding a suitable solution or remanufacturing the old products. If a reproduction in cast iron is not cost-effective, a welded and heat-resistant steel construction is an option. An old drawing or, if not available, an old sample is sufficient for the reproduction. Even if the sample is already defective or damaged, we can usually do something with it and do everything we can to provide our customers with a suitable solution," says Karsten Vogt.

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