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Langen Feuerungsbau expands production and warehousing

Langen Feuerungsbau GmbH

Langen Feuerungsbau is taking precautions: In view of the still tense supply situation on the world market, the manufacturer of special refractory doors, showcases and show openings for incineration plants and power stations is currently expanding production and also taking care of the expansion of its own stock. In other words: in order to have standard articles available even faster, the warehouse is being expanded even further for these standards. "Although the supply chain situation is slowly easing, we still want to take precautions. The range of parts is to be made more flexible in order to get away from special solutions in the future," reports Managing Director Anja Vogt. And plant manager and co-managing director Karsten Vogt adds: "Special solutions cause high construction costs and do not always offer the optimal solution. In addition, special designs result in an increased testing and documentation effort, which often does not conform to the customer's requirements and acceptance conditions in all areas." In most cases, the time required for planning special designs is also very high.

In future, the "individual standard solution" will be in demand in furnace construction

"The `individualised` standard solution we will offer in future offers a clear advantage here. Here, the documentation is identical to the standard articles, most of which are already in use at the customer's premises," Anja Vogt points out. In addition, Langen Feuerungsbau still has the possibility to select the right casting for the respective temperature range and, if necessary, to individually adapt the fireclay and sight glass assemblies. "Should replacements or further new products be needed later on, we always offer the possibility of remanufacturing these spare parts," Karsten Vogt explains. In the case of wear parts, it is also possible to quickly access the stock, which is not so easy with custom-made products. "Re-manufacturing is also often problematic with custom-made products. Make use of our possibilities and enquire about your needs in good time," advises Karsten Vogt to all customers.

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