Certified according to DIN ISO 9001 : 2015

Inspection doors and inspection ports

We manufacture inspection doors and inspection ports for combustion plants


Langen Feuerungsbau produces a wide range of fireproof doors and ports

We specialise in high-quality fireproof inspection doors and inspection ports for incineration plants, combustion plants and the energy industry. We manufacture these special doors for power plants, industrial furnaces, waste gas plants, waste incineration plants, biogas plants or boiler and drying plants, among others. Customers can find a large portfolio of inspection doors and inspection ports in square, rectangular and round designs in our catalogue. Clever hinge solutions ensure perfect tightness. All products are manufactured with the appropriate seals. Gas-tight versions are supplied by us with asbestos-free, woven graphite gaskets with Inconel wire. Some inspection doors and inspection ports can also be fitted with a mounting option for a firebox camera or a purge air connection. Please specify exactly what is required when ordering.

We use grey cast iron and cast steel for inspection doors and inspection ports

Our capable employees and modern machinery enable us to react quickly to special requests at a fair price-performance ratio. Depending on the temperature range, our inspection doors and inspection ports are made of different types of grey cast iron, which can be used up to 500 degrees Celsius as standard. For higher temperatures up to 1300 degrees Celsius, we use heat-resistant cast steel.

The cast alloys we use for our inspection doors and inspection ports are listed in our catalogue with the designations M01 to M19.

Retrofitting the heat protection of the screen doors is feasible

Inspection doors and inspection ports can also be combined in different quality grades within the incineration plant - always depending on the material, the pressure conditions, and the required temperature range at the place of use. In this way, a precise gradation of the individual qualities to suit the incineration plant is possible. Take advantage of our experience in manufacturing and equipping inspection doors and inspection ports, we will be happy to advise you!

Simply retrofit the incinerator at the next overhaul

Of course, it is also possible to retrofit or upgrade your combustion system with the appropriate inspection doors and inspection ports. During the next scheduled shutdown of the system, e.g., as part of an overhaul, we will gladly replace the inspection doors and inspection ports or provide them with additional heat protection or seals. Many of our inspection doors and inspection ports are available from stock. Please contact us if you would like sound advice on the different types, areas of application and equipment of inspection doors and inspection ports.

We supply a wide range of spare parts and accessories for inspection doors and inspection ports.

In addition to the standard doors and openings from our catalogue, we are also able to manufacture inspection doors and ports individually and to provide them with various additional equipment and other extras. Our expertise in design and mechanical engineering enables us to produce a wide range of special equipment, accessories and spare parts for our inspection doors and ports:

  • Individual connections
  • Adapter plates, adapter frames and adapter flanges
  • Screw fittings, screw sets
  • Bolts, opening aids, frames, and handles
  • Fittings
  • Heat protection glasses for different temperature ranges
  • Seals (flat seals, cord seals)
  • Recording option for a combustion chamber camera
  • Rinsing air connections for cleaning the inspection opening

Langen Feuerungsbau is a qualified partner for inspection doors and inspection ports

Would you like support and advice in planning or retrofitting your combustion system with inspection doors and inspection ports? We manufacture inspection doors and inspection ports in suitable specifications. Call us or send us an e-mail. We will advise you on the individual equipment of your combustion system and look forward to finding a well-founded solution for your special requirements in combustion construction!

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