Certified according to DIN ISO 9001 : 2015

Range of services

We produce inspection ports, inspection doors and inspection ports as well as maintenance hole covers and access doors according to drawings and specifications.

Langen Feuerungsbau GmbH

Products and accessories for furnace construction

Langen Feuerungsbau manufactures inspection ports, inspection doors and inspection ports for combustion plants in the segments of steel construction, waste incineration, power plants, annealing furnaces, incinerators and for comparable applications. In addition to these special doors and inspection ports for furnace construction - which reliably withstand the toughest temperature and pressure conditions - we also provide the matching accessories, various special equipment on customer request and a comprehensive range of spare parts. This allows a view of the combustion process or the process at any time without having to open a large door.

We see ourselves as a competence and service partner for our customers, who can be assigned to the following areas:

  • Plant engineering (incineration plants, annealing furnaces, heating furnaces, cement plants, combustion plants, melting furnaces)
  • Operators of such incineration and combustion plants
  • Service companies that take care of the smooth operation of combustion plants
  • Design offices that focus on the creation and construction of such firing systems and would like support in the planning and project planning of systems, or for inspection doors, inspection ports and inspection hatches.

The range of services offered by Langen Feuerungsbau: great variety, great vertical range of manufacture. We manufacture all our special doors in our own factory

Mit unseren hochwertigen Türen und Schauöffnungen beliefert unser Feuerungsbau Kunden in der ganzen Welt. Vor allem die Länder Zentraleuropas wie die Niederlande, Belgien, Frankreich, Spanien, Italien und die Länder Süd- und Ost-Europas wie Polen, Ungarn, Slowenien, Rumänien, Bulgarien und Tschechien, des Balkans wie Serbien und Montenegro, Kroatien, Bosnien und Herzegowina zählen zu unseren Abnehmern. Auch in anderen Teilen der Welt wie in den USA, Australien, Südafrika, Kanada, den Arabischen Emiraten und der Türkei sind unsere Schautüren, Schauöffnungen, Explosionstüren und Mannlöcher für industrielle Feuerungs- und Verbrennungsanlagen gefragt. Wir bedienen selbstverständlich auch den indonesischen, japanischen und chinesischen Markt. Sprechen Sie uns gern an, wenn Sie Beratung zum Thema Schautüren, Schauöffnungen und Schauluken für den Feuerungsbau wünschen oder ein Angebot anfordern möchten. Sie erreichen das Team von Langen Feuerungsbau am besten per Mail.

Dank aktueller Übersetzungsprogramme sind die unterschiedlichen Landessprachen kaum noch ein Hinderungsgrund, nicht landessprachlich mit uns in Verbindung zu treten.

Langen Feuerungsbau GmbH

Your advantage: customised and precisely fitting solutions in furnace construction

Every incineration plant is different: depending on which material is thermally utilised and at which point in the incinerator the inspection port is placed, different requirements are needed for changing temperature ranges and pressures. We offer our customers from industry and commerce customised and precisely fitting refractory solutions for diverse challenges in combustion technology. Our cleaning doors, maintenance hole covers, inspection doors, access doors, inspection ports, explosion doors, poke dampers and explosion dampers are all completely "made in Germany" in our factory in Duisburg. In addition to a wide range of standard products, which you can find in our catalogue, we offer a variety of customisation options such as adapter frames, special wall thicknesses and gas/acid-resistant seals, add-on parts such as fireclay boxes, bolts, handles, purge air connections, seals, glasses, screw connections and much more. Our strength and decades of experience in machine and apparatus construction enable us to serve our customers with such individual solutions.

We convince our customers not only with the quality and variety of our products, but also with our good delivery capacity. Due to the wide distribution of our casting suppliers and the high proportion of individual production in our own company, we are particularly capable of delivery and stand for delivery times of regularly 12 to a maximum of 16 weeks, if the products you require are not in stock.

Of course, we have all the necessary certificates in steel construction and welding technology such as:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 3834 for welding quality requirements and principles for quality assurance of fusion welded components and constructions
  • AD 2000 regulations as basic safety and conformity specifications in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive with the HP 100 R data sheet for pipelines made of metallic materials and the DIN EN 13480 guideline, which specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, and testing of industrial pipelines.
  • DIN EN 1090 as proof of conformity for factory production control, manufacturer certification and CE marking for load-bearing steel and aluminium components that are placed on the market as construction products.

Tell us about your requirements in furnace construction! The quality of our inspection ports and inspection doors, our extensive know-how in fireplace construction, our distinct delivery capability and variety are your customer benefits! Our team will be happy to advise you. You can reach us on +49 02065 77888 or by e-mail.

Our design department develops customised solutions

We have our own design department. Using the latest PLM software and CAD-CAM systems, we develop customised solutions from planning to the finished product. In this way, we guarantee a well thought-out and reproducible production of individual and customised products. After initial sketches, you will receive corresponding production drawings and, if desired, a suitable 3D model for the CAD planning of your systems, including documentation.

If you cannot find suitable doors in our standard range, we can manufacture suitable doors and ports in modular design with and without superstructures in the dimensions you require. The modular design enables production for three heat ranges, 500, 1000 and 1300 degrees Celsius. Depending on the temperature range, the door is assembled from the necessary individual components. This means that, if necessary, all components can be replaced without having to replace the entire door. This makes it possible to upgrade or retrofit components if the application changes.