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Spare parts and accessories

We supply fireproof doors and accessories for incinerators

Langen Feuerungsbau GmbH

Langen Feuerungsbau: Your partner for standards and customised special designs

Langen Feuerungsbau is your specialised partner for fireproof access doors and maintenance holes, inspection doors and inspection ports, stoke and explosion doors as well as cleaning doors used in industrial incineration plants and furnaces. We manufacture a wide standard range of these special doors and openings - customers can find them in our wide-ranging firing construction catalogue. In addition to our standard doors, however, we also offer the option of customised production according to customer requirements and drawings or 3D models. We also stock a wide range of special equipment and spare parts. All products are manufactured with the appropriate seals. Gas-tight versions are supplied by us with asbestos-free, woven and graphite seals with Inconel wire.

Your plus with fireproof special doors from Langen Feuerungsbau:

  • Individual advice, own design department, production according to drawing or 3D model
  • Sophisticated hinge solutions for perfect tightness
  • Centrally swinging and thus extremely stable bearing of the fire doors. All displacements are mechanically processed by us
  • On request, delivery of the inspection doors and inspection ports in gas-tight design
  • Wide range of variants in terms of shape, dimensions, and features
  • Numerous extras and attachment of customised features
  • We recommend: Installation of purge air connections for cleaning and cooling the inspection ports
  • Additional heat protection through fireclay / refractory concrete, fireclay bricks or ceramic fibre plates
  • Grey cast iron and cast steel of different qualities and alloys depending on requirements

Fast response to special requests and customer-specific requirements

Our well-trained and experienced employees as well as the modern machinery consisting of several CNC machining centres, CNC boring machine for different requirements, 3D water jet cutting machines, CNC edging bench, CNC round and horizontal bending machines as well as NC hydraulic shears and NC automatic band saw enable us at Langen Feuerungsbau to react quickly and at a fair price-performance ratio even to special requests.

In the field of welding, we have a wide range of experience in mixed joints. We weld MAG, MIG and E.

At the same time, we are also able to equip our special doors with ceramic fibre plates and fireclay bricks to improve their temperature resistance. A precisely fitting gradation of the individual qualities within a system is possible in this way. Please feel free to make use of our know-how in the manufacture and equipping of heat-resistant inspection doors and inspection ports; we will provide you with sound advice.

Langen Feuerungsbau GmbH

Furnace construction: For special doors we keep a wide range of spare parts and accessories in stock

Beyond the standards from our catalogue, we are able to produce special refractory doors and ports for incineration plants according to customer specifications and drawings and to equip them individually with various accessories. Our experience in machine and apparatus construction enables us to stock this wide range of special equipment, accessories, and spare parts for cleaning doors in incinerator construction. We offer our customers:

  • Individual connections
  • Heat protection glasses
  • Seals
  • Adapter plates and adapter frames, adapter flanges
  • Screw fittings and complete screw sets
  • Fireclay boxes and fireclay linings
  • Insulation boxes with insulation wool
  • Bolts, opening aids, frames, and handles
  • Recording options for firebox cameras
  • Rinsing air connections for cleaning the inspection opening
  • Fire bricks
  • Ceramic fibre panels as heat protection for doors
  • Fittings

Langen Feuerungsbau: Your competent partner for fireproof doors and accessories

Do you need support with the planning, execution or retrofitting of your combustion system or furnace? Langen Feuerungsbau manufactures special doors for furnace construction in various designs. Take a look at our catalogue, call us, or send us an e-mail for advice or to place an order. We will help you to fit your combustion plant, annealing furnace or firing system precisely and look forward to providing the right solution for your challenge as a specialist in firing construction.

Spare parts and accessories

Spare parts and accessories

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Spare parts and accessories

Spare parts and accessories

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Spare parts and accessories

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Spare parts and accessories

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Spare parts and accessories

Spare parts and accessories

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Spare parts and accessories