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Sight glasses

Sight glass fittings with accessories available from stock.
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Available for sight glass sizes: S/60 S/80 S/100 S/150 S/210x160 S/190x190 S/200x200 S/200x240/117 S/200x240/118 and of course special sizes according to your specifications as well as sight glasses from 4" to 1".

Heat-resistant sight glasses in the following qualities:

  • Float glass
  • Tempax glass / borosilicate glass
  • Neoceram glass
  • Quartz glass

The temperature resistance of the sight glasses can be increased by using purge air connections and flaps in the sight openings.

When replacing the glasses, be sure to order seals as well, as the old seals usually break during disassembly due to embrittlement and cannot be reused.

Please specify the sight glass size used:
S/60 S/80 S/100 S/150 S190x190 S200x200 S210x160 S/200x240/117 S200x240/118

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