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Langen Feuerungsbau updates customer master data

Langen Feuerungsbau GmbH

Langen Feuerungsbau is currently updating its master data to ensure that data and information reaches its destination faster and without detours. "We are currently contacting all customers who are listed with their own customer number at Langen Feuerungsbau and updating the address database," reports Anja Vogt, Managing Director of the Duisburg-Rheinhausen steel construction company, which has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of fireproof special doors, showcases, and show openings. Langen Feuerungsbau's products are used primarily in incinerators and power plants. "This allows us to inform our long-standing customers about innovations and bring them up to date on products and services. To this end, a mailing campaign is currently underway to all customers in the portfolio.

Online presence offers many helpful features for ordering

Langen Feuerungsbau also points out that the most common products and drawings can now be downloaded from the website. "This gives our customers' design and planning departments the opportunity to integrate our products directly into digital planning as 3D models. It could not be easier," emphasizes Managing Director Karsten Vogt. "Of course, our best-selling products are also available from stock, which we have significantly expanded in recent months in order to always be able to supply our customers.

Also, in terms of sustainability, Langen Feuerungsbau has adapted its production of doors and display openings so that many parts can be reproduced. For customers, this means that in many applications they can order spare parts instead of completely new parts. All they have to do is fill out the prefabricated dimensional protocol. "In this way, customers can be sure that a spare part delivery is possible and will fit. Our production manager, Karsten Vogt, will be happy to answer any questions," promises Anja Vogt.

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